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Why should I switch to Posterita?
Posterita provides retailers with what they want:
Simplicity - The user-friendly interface makes every function easy – and prevents mistakes. Learn More
Control - Conveniently access and update all information from any computer, so you can always make the right decisions and measure the performance of your stores, items, and staff. So profits increase. Learn More
Mobility - As your operation grows, Posterita can grow with you. Learn More
Why is it so much better?
Learn why Posterita is so much better that it is a revolution in retail.
What are the features of Posterita retail management system?
Point of sale
Point of Sale
Perform all tasks from a single screen for quick checkout
Perform returns, exchanges, and discount
Multiple ways of selecting products (barcode, product directory, search bar)
Item card with picture, inventory level, price and stock availability
Smart till management and blind reconcilation
Inventory Management
Manage all the Accounts Payable related activities
Manage Suppliers, returns and undelivered items
Track inventory levels in real time across all stores
Efficient inter-store inventory transfers and requests
Perform Inventory counts partial or complete
Employee Management
Role-based security
Monitor employee activity and attendance remotely
Automated commissions and payroll calculations
Transaction tracking
Restrict organisation access data
Store and track customer info
Handle credit sales
Customer card shows all transaction details
Manage customer via customer grouping
Customer can have a prefered price list
Reporting and Notification
Pre-formated and customizable reports and dasboards
Receive notifications when there are unusual activities
Aggregate data to run "organization" wide reports
Automatic, in-built and on going daily stock take
All reports exportable in excel and PDF formate


Posterita Best Web Tool 2012
Posterita was recently awarded as one of the 2012 Best Web Tools in the category Web POS by WebHostingSearch.
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