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Feature List
Posterita Revolutionary POS Features
Take a look at Posterita's revolutionary features :
  • General features
  • Unprecedented Navigation Interface
  • POS operations
  • Control and Accountability
  • Mutiple store Management
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory and Items
  • Customer management
  • Data: Input, Management and Security
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Multi-dimensional reports: all the data you need to make all the right decisions
  • Printing and Peripherals: it works with all common POS hardware
Key Features
General Features (ERP backed, IPAD app, automatic updates, images)
Anchored upon an ERP for maximum flexibility and data accuracy
Automatic updates to ensure that you are always at the cutting-edge of retail management
Include pictures of inventory items, employees, customers and vendors
Use customizable fields for vendors, items and customers
Work with any Tablet PC with an Internet Browser
Exist as an IPAD App
Unprecedented Navigation Interface
Context-sensitive designs ensure that you always know where you are in any process
Built-in help so that help is always only one click away
Process and Task Oriented navigation makes performing tasks intuitive and easy
"I want to" Box for quick access to the most common features
User-friendly UI prevents errors and reduces training time
Use a touch-screen monitor to speed transactions
Large and easy to read entry buttons
POS Operation
Ring up sales Quickly and Easily by either scanning barcodes,by searching items and by selecting items through product directory
Integrated credit card processing
Optimized cash sales screen with all the common tasks icons accessible within one click
One screen sales processing
Handle advanced discounts (percentage, value, by order line, upsell)
Suspend and resume transactions (Save and load orders)
Accept tax rate change at check out
Handle discounts, returns and exchange
Handle credit sales
Track sales orders
Issue, track and redeem gift cards at POS
Accept and Manage coupons
Issue and accept gift cards
Track layaways
Verify ID at check out point
Track and calculate employee comissions with integrated time clock
Control and Accountability
Assign role-based security to employees and limit access to sensitive features with security settings
Track petty cash payouts
Send notifications when there are unusual activities and for end of day procedures
Monitor employee activity and attendance remotely
Provide Audit trails for Total Accountability:every transaction is recorded so that its details can be traced back to the person who did it
Prevent discount errors, misuse and even abuse via sophisticated control mechanisms
Control cash by tracking and balancing cash drawer (End of day process)
Automatic, in-built and on going and daily stock take for greater store and employee accountability
Find any open orders (per vendor, per customer,…)
Mutiple store Management
Accurate and efficient inter-store inventory transfers and requests thanks to in-built store notifications and detailed items cards
Aggregate multi-store data to run "organization" wide reports
Track individual store, employee, items performance across your whole retail chain
Handle any differences in tax rules and categories to account for jurisdiction/states differences
Multi-store data sharing features
Manage inventory, employee, vendor and customer information across multiple stores
Use a single inventory file to manage all your stores: no more double entries, and input errors
Stay in control of your retail business at any time and from anywhere with an Internet Accessor from an IPAD
Create and Track Purchase orders
Email Purchase orders to vendors
View received items history
Track undelivered Purchase orders
Manage all the Accounts Payable related activities (making payment, allocating payments, creating vendor statement of account,...)
Manage acurately items returned to vendors
Manage vendoars
Track multiple vendors and UPC per items
Inventory and Items
Manage and track efficiently inventory levels
Manage up to 8 multiple item dimensions like department, color, size and style for maximum visibility
Enter inventory quickly using style grids
Track inventory by category/classification
Track inventory by primary group (department)
Handle Consignment inventory tracking
Handle precisely multiple price lists, multiple units of measures, and units per pack
Allow multiple barcodes for a single item
Adjust inventory levels following stock take
Track inventory adjustment and discrepancy reports to ensure accountability
View inventory discrepancy reports
Access, within a single click, detailed item card with all the relevant info (on-hand quantity, store availability, prices)
Customer management
Store and Track customer info, sales history, visits and purchasing history and other key stats
Manage customer via customer groups
Handle accurately all the Accounts receivables (statement of account, credit management, unpaid invoices, payments received, payment allocations,…)
Access detailed customer card within a single click (last buy, credit, items bought, …)
Capture mailing and email addresses at check out point
Handle frequent buyer program (points systems)
Create templates and send emails to customers
Assign different price lists to different customer groups
Improve marketing with insights and data from real-time sales reports
Data: Input, Management and Security
Quickly upload and change prices on many products with a spreadsheet style window
Import items, vendors and customers from Excel
Transfer data via CSV file to accounting package
Transfer data in CSV or PDF format for report purposes
Daily Database back up
eCommerce capabilities
Seamless integration with Posterita webstore
Connect POS with third party sites (Tapmap,shopsavvy, etc…)
Ability to track eCommerce orders from the website to the POS system
Multi-dimensional reports: all the data you need to make all the right decisions
One click access to over 30 context-sensitive reports from inventory, cash ledger, employee management, sales, etc...
Run commissions and payroll reports
Customize reports via Posterita report generator
Create mailing list based on customer demographics and sales history
Access anywhere and anytime dashboards which are updated in real time
View sales and inventory information in real-time, modifiable reports
Design custom reports
Export/Email reports in PDF and/or CSV format
Printing and Peripherals: it works with all common POS hardware
Cash drawer support
Store digital receipt
Slip receipt printer integration
Bar code printer support
Hand-held terminals for physical inventory counting
Barcode reader support
Pole display support
Works with a keyboard and a mouse
Print labels for items
Print barcodes
Reprint any documents (customer receipt, Pos, deliveries, etc…)
Customize receipts