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Overview- POS Retail Software & Point Of Sale Demo


Posterita's features provide you with a full retail management system
Cash Sales Screen

Posterita's advanced Cash Sales screen is designed with a clear layout and access to many features in a single screen. You can perform common tasks including:

  • Process cash and credit sales
  • Select items quickly and easily by scanning barcodes, entering item upc, or by searching and selecting items through product directory
  • Give discounts
  • Void an operation
  • Assign sales to staff or a customer
  • Override a tax rate (Flexible and precise Tax management)
  • Check product info and product availability in different stores
  • Process returns and exchanges
  • Process and read barcodes
  • Handle multiple form of payments
  • Access a detailed item card with up to date information on inventory quantity, location and movement as well as item pictures

In addition to basic point of sale functionality, Posterita also provides:
On-screen receipt display

You can see the receipt exactly as it will be printed-updated in real time as you enter items and update quantities. This reduces employee entry error.

Blind Reconciliation

Whenever one of your sales associates closes your till, Posterita prompts him to count all of the money available (cash and credit cards) and input the amount. Using blind reconciliation, Posterita will print out how much the associate should have.

Photo ID

Display pictures of your inventory, employees, suppliers, or customers for better visual reference.

Choice of Merchant Accounts

Posterita integrates directly with the following five merchant providers. By integrating with one of the preferred merchant providers, all your credit card processing can be done directly with the software. This reduces the risk of employee entry error because transactions are entered directly into the system. No need for your employees to type in charge amounts on a separate credit card swiper.

Posterita integrates with:
  1. Century Payment
  2. X Web
  3. Mercury E2E
  4. Mercury Hosted Form
Product/Service Management

Easily manage products with any unit of measurement (by volume, pack, quantity, weight) and/ or services.

Primary group and multiple subcategory management

You can attach as many as 8 different attributes such as size, color, design, and manufacturer to a product for powerful tracking and analysis of your inventory

Check your product stock card

Quickly check product transactions and movement history for any items, purchases, stock take, inventory, along with other data, by clicking on a product card icon.

Track multiple warehouses

Create as many warehouses as you need to track various inventory levels.

Quick and easy Inventory Transfer Among Stores

Just click on the send stock or request inventory icons. Both stores will be notified immediately. When the stock arrives at the store, the staff can confirm exactly what they received.

Inventory Control

Posterita track your inventory in real-time so you know the actual inventory quantity, location and movement all of your stores. Also, you will enjoy the convenience of our predefined templates, such as stock cards or data filters, product characteristics, inventory location, and warehouse data.

Ongoing stock count

You'll never have to close a store to do a stock check. Now, you can require your staff to do ongoing stock counts whenever your employees have time to do it. Posterita will keep a record and notify you of changes.

Multiple price lists

Posterita allows you to manage multiple sales prices and purchase prices for a single item. This helps if different vendors provide the same items at different prices, you have different customer groups, or you sell through multiple channels, such as a retail outlet and a web store.

Manage vendors

Create vendor profiles to track them, determine such things as how many products and the value of the products you're buying from each, email purchase orders to them, and remind those who are late on delivery.

Automatic Purchase Updates

When you buy items, your inventory will be updated and the price you paid for each item will be automatically updated and calculated.

Manage Purchases with Ease

When you purchase items, Posterita makes it easy to manage the details, such as different terms and conditions and whether you're making the purchase on credit or paying cash.

Accounts Payable Management
  • Real-time statements of vendor accounts
  • Proper payment of purchase orders
  • Tracking of payments to vendors
  • Recording of credits for items returned to vendors

Monitor Attendance

Posterita allows you to track employee attendance. When an employee logs into the system, Posterita opens a window and prompts them to enter their username and password. At this time, the clock begins tracking their time and stops when they log out. This allows you to automate employee time tracking.

Track performance, Increase Security, and Accountability

Each time a sales associate sells an item, Posterita records the details of the transaction. You can monitor the each employee transaction andhold each one answerable for their actions.

Automate your payroll

By defining an hourly rate for each employee along with your commission policy, Posterita allows you to automate the calculation of employee paychecks.

Reduce employee training time and expenses

Posterita is quick and easy to learn. Our touch-screen technology is the most user-friendly input method of all, and our user interface is incredibly intuitive. So your new employees will be ready to serve customers in far less time.

Store customer information

Create customer profiles with contact information and purchases that allow you to analyze shopping patterns and tailor promotions.

Provide Loyal Customer Discounts

Provide discounted prices for loyal customers by creating two price lists during the product-creation stage. When a loyal customer chooses an item that qualifies for a promotion, Posterita will automatically charge the discounted price.

Run targeted promotions

Filter your database for all customers and notify them about promotion you are running.

Provide credit accounts

Manage your customers' credit lines. All you need to do is define a credit limit and payment terms for each customer-and Posterita will do the rest. Naturally you can receive payments and monitor Posterita aging report for all your customer debt.

Inventory Reports

The POS never replaces, erases or loses any information during modifications to its database, so you can pinpoint inventory levels and movements any time. Choose the reference and the time period you want to check and Posterita will keep a record and notify you of any changes.

Measure store performance

Posterita records every aspect of your retail operation to ensure data completeness and coherence. Nothing is lost. Also,Posterita's Report and business intelligence engine, you can analyze the data at any level of detail - by store, region, product, product category, and more. So you have complete control over the displayed reports. No more guesswork.

Achieve your objectives

Achieve your management objectives with our context sensitive report templates. For instance, you can see at a glance your top 10 products, employee performance, product lifespan, cash in till, inventory reports, and many other items.


The dashboard provides a visual report of all of the most common key performance reports of your shop.

Event notification

Program the service based on your preferences. For instance, you can choose to be notified about a price change, a discount above a certain threshold, a void operation, a non-reconciled cash position, and many other events.

Complete Purchase Reports

Posterita generates complete purchase reports. So you're always on top of what you bought and what you may need to buy. Check out some of our other useful reports, too, such as inventory turnover.