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Posterita is deal for many different types of retail operations

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Sam Shumate
Renegade R/C
Britol, VA
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Posterita works well for a variety of different retail shops. From books, liquor, or pet supplies...to baked goods, automotive supplies or sporting goods, if you can sell it, we can help you. Below are some key features that make Posterita adaptable to different retail stores.

Ability to handle large inventory numbers

Posterita can handle your inventory, whether you have 100 SKUs to 100,000.

Multiple Location Management

All data is centralized - for ease of access from anywhere, anytime. Because all store data is in one central database you can access reports and manage store inventory of your multiple locations. This will allow you greater control of your stores and allow you to make better strategic management decisions.

Multiple Products

Posterita can handle many different types of products or services. The system allows you to have up to 8 subcategories of product information. Also, you can sell products by any type of unit-weight, pack, item etc.

Multiple Prices

You can set multiple prices for a product, and Posterita will track them all. Since Posterita always retains the original price and compares it with the current price. So you can manage discounts accurately and easily. In fact, Posterita compares the two and calculates the discount automatically! Our POS even supports limit prices. So you can dictate the minimum price at which the product can sell. You can also change the price as needed.

Multiple Taxes

Wherever your store and whatever the tax variations, Posterita handles them all with ease.

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Yan Hip
Cascavelle, Mauritius
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If you operate a clothing, shoe, or accessories store - or an entire chain of them - Posterita can improve inventory visibility and predictability so dramatically that you'll always be able to have the right designs in the right sizes at the right stores, at the right time.

Posterita allows you to simply and effectively manage your footwear, basic wardrobe staples or even high fashion apparel for regional differences and preferences. All of this without sacrificing the global view needed to adjust and establish your operation's overall purchase plan.

These key features will benefit your apparel business:

Management of huge product variety
  • Posterita allows you to manage many different groups of products and provide the multiple levels of information for every type of product for greater visibility in your inventory. This will allow you to have the most current designs in the right sizes, in the right stores, at the right time.
  • Posterita allows you to monitor your merchandise so you can monitor hot sellers and slow movers closely and adjust your purchase plans accordingly.
  • Manage your markdown prices to preserve margin and free cash for next season inventory.
  • Provide customer fidelity cards and analyze their shopping patterns and habits.
Multi-dimensional and sophisticated reports
  • Ensure faster corrective actions: You can reduce your financial exposure by reducing your commitments on poor selling lines. You can respond quickly to shifting patterns of demands.
  • Counter unpredictability with some accurate demand planning.
  • Minimize financial exposure.
  • Tailor product replenishment according to real-time data.
  • Ensure that products ordered reflect actual and anticipated demand.
  • You'll be in control of your whole chain of stores by receiving emails or SMS as events occur in any of your stores.
Inventory tracking done the right way
  • With ongoing stock count, you'll never have to close your store to do a stock check. And you'll never surprised by pilferage or employee fraud.
  • Move inventory from one store to the other seamlessly.
Employee Management
  • Track your staff performance.
  • Make them be accountable for their actions.
  • Monitor their attendance.
  • Easily track their sales commissions for better payroll management.

If you operate one convenience store or an entire chain of them, Posterita can make management of every detail so convenient you'll enjoy running the stores. Posterita helps you be in control of your entire operation - from the point of sale to inventory control and purchasing. You can access any data instantly - from your office, a store, or from any computer with an Internet connection.

Speedy Checkout

Posterita performs every retail function quickly, accurately and easily. This allows for faster checkout for your on-the-go customers. Also, the interface is intuitive and user-friendly which helps new store employees learn to use it quickly.

Intuitive Touchscreen

The advanced design guides you through every action - and corrects you if you make a mistake! The appearance was created based on natural eye flow studies and uses 3D with color contrast to achieve remarkable legibility.

Cash Management

With Posterita, you'll have such total control of cash management that you'll actually be able to relax about it.

Inventory Management

Purchasing? Barcoding? Reordering? You'll be have instant access to every aspect of your inventory, so you'll be able to manage it with ease.

Employee Management

Posterita keeps track of every sales action by every employee - and can alert you instantly when a mistake occurs. Posterita also calculates even complex commissions with complete ease. You'll be happy, and so will your employees.

Reports Right Away

Posterita can provide complete, accurate reports on any aspect of your store operations - instantly. The reports are easy to access via the touchscreen, so you can always see all the data you need to make all the right choices.

Posterita provides an ideal POS for the Kiosk industry, such as newspaper stands and coffee shops. While the stores are small, the seasonality and mobility of the kiosks create a demanding POS environment. Posterita understands the demands and meets them in unrivaled ways.

Posterita provides the following key benefits:

  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Commission Management
  • Discreet Screen

Many kiosks are operated as seasonal businesses. Posterita makes everything easy to manage. For instance, kiosk businesses can easily scale up or scale down their operations, including adding or reducing the number of kiosks. At the same time, all kiosks can share the same data - without the need to synchronize or update the POS. Very easy to manage the stores.


Since kiosk businesses sell in a variety of locations, they need a POS that accommodates their mobility. For instance, staffers rotate frequently and often sell in more than one location. Posterita can keep track of commissions, because it can track sales activity across all the kiosks.

Inventory Tracking

Kiosks operate longer hours than a single staff can cover. So the staff needs to count the inventory prior to handing it over to the next staffer. Posterita makes such inventory tracking easy.

The commission structure can be quite complex.

It can be tiered and provide for upselling, so the staffer is incentivized to persuade customers to buy more. No matter how complex the commission structure, Posterita makes commissions easy to calculate.

The screen can be seen by both the Customer and the Sales Associate.

Posterita provides a discreet screen. For instance, the customer can't see the upsell number or the discount the sales rep is allowed to provide. The sales rep can even sell something for more than the original price by giving a negative discount. Yet the receipt will not show the negative discount.

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Jeff Par
Anytime Fitness
Blackshear, GA
Gym Franchise
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Posterita helps franchises succeed together

One of the challenges franchises face is delivering consistency and control across all franchisees. Posterita solves the problem brilliantly.

Puts franchises online in the same system

As a result, they can share your entire catalogue of products and place orders efficiently. Yet you, the franchisor, remain in complete control of the database, including product descriptions and prices. You can also use the system to communicate efficiently with your franchisees.

Let's you share only the data you want

With the versatile data control Posterita puts at your fingertip, you can share only the information that is relevant to your franchisees.

Monitor your royalty fees

Since all of your franchisees are online with Posterita, you can monitor all sales and royalty fees. So you can optimize your revenue.

Allows Franchises operate more successfully

Posterita lets your franchisees conduct every aspect of their better. For example, they can monitor and analyze their sales in real time.

Prevents double-entry mistakes

When a franchisee places an order or you place a purchase order, Posterita creates a record of it. To approve the sale or purchase, you just click to validate it. When you do, you can see if the order is valid.

Allows better inventory planning

Posterita allows your franchisees to request items they would like to order in advance. So you can plan your production and inventory to meet their needs. Please, contact us to learn more about how Posterita is an unmatched POS for franchise optimization and success.