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Posterita was founded by two brothers who have a passion for changing the way retail stores do business. Because they grew up with a family business that included seven locations, Alexandre and Frederick Tsang quickly recognized the need for an affordable retail POS solution for small and medium businesses with multiple stores.

We help retailers around the world to be in control of their multi-store retail business by providing them remote access from anywhere and at anytime.

In the year 2000, while Fred was working as a software engineer at a start-up company in London, he visualized a future in which all software would be available online.

At the same time, Alex was working as a management consultant for large-scale clients in the finance industry in Paris and San Francisco. As they developed global business experience and synergistic skill sets in finance, computing, and business management, they were able to make their vision a reality with Posterita. The combination of Fred's foresight, Alex's business acumen, and the development of in cloud-based technology has put Posterita on the cutting edge of retail POS solutions.

The innovative decision to develop Posterita based on both the cloud and an ERP framework is what makes it a truly unique POS solution. When they decided to combine forces and start their own business, the brothers went back to their retail roots. They understand all of the challenges that retailers face and in Posterita have developed a comprehensive solution that addresses those challenges while still being easy to use and flexible.