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  • What is SuccessPARTNER!?

This is our Revolutionary Partnership Program.

  • What's the best way to sell Posterita?

Posterita provides a free basic Cash Register version and an upgraded feature-rich Professional version for a minimal licensing fee per month. This allows you to contact the lead, set them up, discuss the two versions and which is best for them and sell your support services as well as hardware.

  • How much should I charge for support/ set up?

This depends on your business model. Some opt to charge by the hourly rate or some partners opt to sell a predefined block of time per month.
Basically, you choose.

  • How can I get exclusivity on my territory?

You cannot. Sorry. We cannot presently offer exclusivity to any of our resellers on any territory. Our policy does not allow bending the market rules to force customers to go through some single partner. We are advocate of performance. We all need to be good at what we do!
However, you can white-label our service.

  • Can I white-label Posterita?

You can white-label Posterita. You will need to provide us with a complete company logo, and give us the URL, where we will redirect your sign up form.The application will reside on our servers, but your logo and branding will replace ours.
White-labeling the software is done by a separate agreement with Posterita. Please ask the channel manager for further details.

  • Do I get training?

Posterita requires that all its partners complete an orientation training prior to actively selling Posterita. This is provided for free after you register and are accepted as a reseller.

  • Can Posterita be customized?

Yes of course. Posterita is developed upon an ERP framework. Our engineers can customize Posterita for any industry or verticals. Please get in touch with us at support@posterita.com for further details.

  • Are there marketing materials?

Yes. As a part of the SuccessPARTNER!program, you will have access to your own partner portal site which contains all marketing and sales materials plus a lead management tool. You will also have access to a dedicated channel manager.

  • Where can I find the Partner agreement?

We will send that to you by email once you have discussed partner program details with the channel manager and confirmed your interest of becoming a Posterita partner.

  • Are there different levels of partnership?

We have created three levels in our program:
1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Bronze
These levels are based on the level of commitment you are willing to take towards Posterita. The higher your commitment towards us, so will be ours. Meaning more leads, higher margins, and more support to you.
As you become more efficient in reselling Posterita,you'll progress through the different levels of our SuccessPARTNER! program and enjoy more benefits.

  • What do you expect from your partners?

All we ask of our partners is:

  • Register as a partner
  • Sign the reseller agreement
  • Participate in and complete Sales Orientation Training
  • Sell your professional services along with the software and profit.
  • Represent Posterita in the professional manner that builds the brand in the retail environment.
  • When possible, convert your customers to one of the payment processors we provide.